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Category 5

Category 5 Andrew 4x10 Combo

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Here is an awesome amp made by Category 5. It is in Excellent Condition and is ready to rock!

If you are looking at this then you know about Cat 5 amps.  This has all the well know features, basically 2 amps in one.  The clean side is straight up blackface, the overdrive side is more tweedy.  It has power scaling, so it can be used in lower volume settings.  It also has a lush and full reverb.

Andrew's power platform can run a pair Tung-Sol 5881s, which we find to have a rich overdrive, perfect for blues and rock music. It is also possible to run 6L6 tubes for more bottom end, clean headroom and chime, for country and southern rock. Our unique new bias circuit allows Andrew to run these two power tube configurations without re-biasing for those who have an affinity for different tubes. We also bumped the plate voltage to extract more clean headroom from the power amp for players who need more stage volume. Conservatively rated at 50 Watts, Andrew easily keeps up with our excellent 1965 Twin Reverb® sample, which puts out 85 Watts from a quad of 6L6GCs. Andrew actually cuts through better than the Twin. Yeah. We're shaking our heads too.

Check out all the details here:

Andrew Specs from Category 5 Website

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